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Rethinking credit cards


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The challenge

A culture of cash and strong aversion to debt, is one of the main reasons why historically Germany is for behind other European countries when developing new value propositions around credit. Traditional banks still offer as a solutions for short-term lending high interest overdrafts and revolving credit cards.

As part of the quarterly’s goals and the company’s vision of Moneyou, the scope of the challenge was defined as understand the use of credit in two use cases: when buying now and paying later, and when getting through the end of the month for potential early adopters in the German market; to discover opportunities and detect the pain points that can help us shape a unique value proposition for credit, with or without a card.

Moneyou's team during one of the co-creation sessions

The approach

Credit within payments has been reduce to credit card and overdraft solutions. The end goal of the proposition was to create a new relationship model aligned with the needs of the target group of Moneyou. 
During the Q4 of 2018 I led a multidiscipliary team of Moneyou's experts including a business developer, a credit card expert and a Product Designer among others. We used a People-Centered approach to understand, research and define a credit proposition for Moneyou Go.

The outcome 

The outcome of this project was the creation of three different credit proposition that would add customer value to the digital platform of Moneyou in different ways: helping people building their own back-up plan, allowing people to confront unexpected cost without using their savings, and enabling a healthier management of their money upfront. The three concepts were aligned with tech and legal departments, as well a business revenue model was developed together with the final prototype. They were presented to the management team of Moneyou in the Q4 of 2018.

Innovation process at Moneyou

the core team discuss the different flows and analyse the technical impact to the Moneyou IT structure
Above, final mock-up of one of the three propositions for the credit proposition, that enables a healthier management of your money upfront
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