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A new experience for a global career hub


User Researcher Lead

Service Design
UX Research

2019 / 2020

The challenge

Adyen was founded in 2006 by a group of entrepreneurs with the aim of accelerating and simplifying global payments. After 10 years in the market Adyen has headquarters in Amsterdam and is based in more than 20 countries and has more than 1000 employees of +80 nationalities.

With this growing-fast scenario Adyen was seeking to launch a global career hub. This meant shaping the applicant experience globally: uncovering Adyen’s talent personas, improving awareness about the company’s values, managing expectation about Adyen’s way of working (Formula) and creating a seamless application experience.

We engage with Adyen's in-house designers and developers to create the final prototypes and test them with key users.

The approach

Finding the right path for your career isn’t easy. Many of us we’ve been in the situation of finding out a nice career opportunity, but not knowing so much about the company.  Researching is a fundamental step: Knowing about the company, understanding the way of working or seeing the benefits upfront.

During 8 weeks we put our shoes-on the users, and went through the process of understanding what are the key motivations for applicants when they want to switch jobs/ move their career to the next level. 

In the course of this process we involved more than 40 people to define the Adyen’s applicants personas, unveil opportunities, create the concepts and test them.

Part of the process was managed remotely during the restrictions of COVID-19.

The outcome

We defined and implemented an international platform that helps people to find the right career path, and also manages expectations about the company culture, way of working and growth.

Released on Q3 of 2020

Go see careers.adyen.com

We hosted several sessions to validate and iterate the platform.
We invited people that fit into the personas we uncovered.

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